Premium Hand & Body Lotion

Our premium hand and body lotions all start with cocoa & shea butters and coconut oil. We add therapeutic grade essential oils for scent. Our lotions are paraben free.


We offer a variety of lotions to cater to our customers.  All our lotions are made with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.  


We are a family business and make all our products by hand.  This guarantees each item will be perfectly blended and exactly as promised.


Below is a list of each lotion with a description of suggested benefits.


Cassia is commonly known as Chinese cinnamon. Chinese healers use cassia for its anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic properties. Use of this lotion may help anyone with arthritis, bursitis, or similar conditions.

                                Fragrance Free            

Our basic lotion without any scent added is great for people with fragrance allergies and those who need to avoid fragrance. This lotion is wonderful for a person undergoing any kind of cancer treatments and their caretakers.  Many men enjoy this lotion as they can have the benefits of soft, smooth hands without the scent of lotions. 


Winner of our "Think Spring" contest.  Customers were asked to tell us what they would like for a spring scent.  Honeysuckle was the most requested.  Our lotion is a light, slightly sweet scent that is uplifting to put a "spring" in your step.


Lavender has a fresh, sweet, soothing aroma. It is known for helping the body adapt to stress and aids in relaxation. We recommend rubbing on the bottom of feet and legs before bed. It is also useful for people with eczema.


Our Lemon lotion is nourishing for dry skin. Lemon is also invigorating, enhancing alertness and aiding memory.  We recommend that students put on our lemon lotion while they are studying and then again just before taking a test. The smell of the lemon can aid in recall.


Peppermint is inspired by the athletes and hard workers who use our product.  These lotions were created to be cooling, especially when used on the feet, back, or back of the neck.  This is also wonderful for people who have trouble getting up in the morning, or for a natural jolt of energy during the work day.

                                    Stress Relief            

Our popular Stress Relief lotion is made with a calming fusion of basil and lemon.  These essential oils used are known for helping relieve stress, anxiety, headaches, and even hot flashes.  While this lotion can be applied all over, we recommend using behind the neck, temples and bottom of feet for therapeutic effect.


Our Rose lotion is made in honor of my great-grandmother. She always smelled like the roses from her garden. Rather than being overpowering the essential oils used in our blend create a light scent that remind me of being with Busia in her garden.

                                 Tropical Coconut


For our customers who enjoy a light scent with the sweet smell of fruit and coconut.  Our premium lotion with all the benefits of jojoba oil and coconut oil but with *fragrance oil instead of essential oil.



We make our own vanilla essential oil for this lotion to insure the great benefits of essential oil. This warm sweet scent of vanilla reminds us of childhood memories of birthday cake.  Wearing it make you feel delightfully carefree and feminine.



Natural Lip Balms

Our line of natural lip balms is amazing for women and men who suffer from dry or cracked lips.  Our tests have shown that these lip balms create lasting results that take hold within just a few uses; even the most stubborn of cracked lips benefit from our products. 

         Natural Bug Repellent

We make our natural bug repellent one bottle at a time. October - February this product is made to order. I designed this product based not only on effectiveness, but also because my daughter and I were allergic to some of the ingredients found in other natural bug repellents.  We’ve used it on children and on pets (sprayed on hands and wiped on coat) and around our home and yard.


The Natural Bug Repellent is known to be effective against

  • Mosquitoes                           
  • Chiggers
  • Wasps
  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Ticks

              Hand Sanitizer

Our moisturizing hand sanitizer kills germs without drying hands. It is unscented so it is great for people sensitive to fragrance. We offer a bulk discount for teachers and healthcare workers. Contact us for details.