Hand Made Lotions & Balms

Our products are fragrance and paraben free.  We scent our lotions and balms with theraputic grade essential oil.

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Saturday April 21, 2018 Redbud Fair

10 am to  4 pm

321 E McKinney St, Denton, Tx




Sweet Dreams

Lavender Pillow Mist, Lavender Lotion/or Lavender Body Mist and Muscle Relaxing Balm.  The Lavender Essential Oil in these  products produce a light tranquil scent to help you relax.  Apply the Muscle Relaxing Balm to your neck, back and any sore muscles.  Wake up without that morning stiffness.  Choose between Lotion or Body Mist


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Natural Bug Repellent, Organic Sunscreen, Hand Sanitizer, Calming Balm (good for sunburn, bug bites, eczema, skin abrasions) and Muscle Relaxing Balm.  All in airline approved travel sizes.  comes in a mesh cosmetic case 


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Hand & Body lotions

Our premium paraben-free hand & body lotions have a rich, creamy feel for soft skin. We offer lotions scented with therapeutic grade essential oils and fragrance-free created for those with fragrance allergies. 

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Bug Repellent

Protect yourself from bugs without harmful toxins with our natural bug spray. Each bottle contains a blend of essential oils including lavender, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, and neem oil.

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Lip Balms

Our lip balms provide moisture without being sticky.  Available in 6 flavors.

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Our organic sun protection is unscented and protects against both UVA and UVB rays with SPF 35.

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Calming Balm

Our Calming Balm is perfect for easing irritation from a number of causes, from eczema to sunburn.

*To special order a 2 oz size for $8.00 contact us.

Muscle Relaxing Balm


Our Muscle Relaxing Balm relieves sore muscles, aches, and pains.  Massage balm on affected area as needed. A companion product is Cassia Hand & Body Lotion. Customers often use these 2 products together.          




Muscle Relaxing Balm


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Our Story

Busia is Polish for Grandmother. My great-grandmother was known around town for her balms. She had a large garden and used her flowers and herbs to make homemade remedies. In keeping with her tradition, we use high quality herbs and supplements in all our products and we never test on animals.